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    1. Tournaments

      Kapwrestling's List of Today's Tournaments

      2015 Bay State Games Scholastic
      Date: Sat 11 Jul 2015 Weigh Ins: 7:18 a.m. Start Time: 8 a.m.
      # of Mats: 7 # of Teams: 30 Type: Open
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      2015 Bay State Games Open
      Date: Sat 11 Jul 2015 Weigh Ins: 7:20 a.m. Start Time: noon
      # of Mats: 7 # of Teams: 69 Type: Open
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    2. D5 Software:

      D5 Software is the parent company that is responsible for all of the software solutions that are described on this website. These include The Paperless Tourney, Kapwrestling Live Results, D5 Open Registration, and Score Books software. The LLP company was formed in 2010 and consists of Doug Sikora, Desmond Kaplan, Larry Kaplan, Don Squires, and Dan Imdorf. Before D5 Software there were two main companies Sikora Soft Systems and Kapwrestling. We have joined forces with our software solutions to make D5 Software and with our established companies and brands we still operate tournaments. Mile Stones:
      • D5 had its beginnings as a Electronic "Paperless" Stat Score Book program back in 1992.
      • D5 Ran it's first "paperless" tourney in 2003 at Mckinley High School's Fieldhouse, 6 mats , 2 Divisions. Team Scores updated each Minute on a 3 color Electronic Marquee.
      • D5 Ran the popular Walsh Jesuit, Cuyahoga Falls, OHIO, IRONMAN H.S. Tourney in 2004, 8 mats totally paperless.
      • D5 ran the "War at the Shore" , Wildwood, N.J. in 2006. 18 mats.
      • D5 Helps run the "Super32" in Greensboro, N.C. 2007.
      • D5 runs the TOC in Columbus, Ohio 2011. 24 mats


      Desi Kaplan and together with my father, Larry Kaplan, we are Kapwrestling. Desi wrestled for Atholton High School in Columbia, MD, from 1993-1995. Started running tournaments in 1995. We continued to run tournaments while I went to college in Maryland (1997-2001), while in graduate school in North Carolina and while serving in the National Guard (2001-2006). In 2003 Larry joined Desi running tournaments in MD and since then travels with Desi running tournaments. In the past seventeen years we have run over 100 high school wrestling tournaments ranging from 8-man to 64-man brackets. In 2005, Desi began programming for wrestling and 2007 worked with Doug to bring live results closer to product. In 2009 we launched the new website representing our solution for the paperless tourney, live wrestling results.

      Sikora Soft Systems:

      Doug Sikora ( Wrestling interest started when he wrestled back in HS 1969-1973 ). Wrestling interest continued with his 5 sons wrestling at GlenOak HS Canton, OH. ( 1977 - 2002 ). Programming interest started back in 1979 with the first home computers ( TI99 ). Worked with Process Control Computers at a Steel Mill ( The Timken Co. 1973 - 2006 )