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    1. Tournaments

      Kapwrestling's List of Today's Tournaments

      No tournaments are running at this time.
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      Kapwrestling's Upcoming Tournaments

      Sat 13 Dec 2014-Sat 13 Dec 2014
      Devin Ness Memorial - OA Opener
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Marlboro Tournament
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Taunton Invitational
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Eagle Holiday Classic (Franklin County)

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    2. About Kapwrestling

      • What is Kapwrestling?
      • Kapwrestling is a tournament management service group. We are a part of D5 Software is the parent company which owns the paperless tourney software that is used in the local gym to run the tournament. See Paperless Tourney page for more details The paperless tourney automatically posts results during the tournament to this website. As long as the internet at the local site is working you can follow the tournament live as matches are wrestled


      Live Action

      • Live, Where is the Video?
      • At the moment the Live results are text only. The score and the period of a live match can be followed on the boutboard once you login to a tournament. At select venues where the bandwidth allows we have and are exploring video options. These specific events are identified once you log into the tournament

      • I've logged in now what?
      • Click on the name of an active tournament, this will take into the tournament overview. One this page you will see the boutboard. This table shows you the live bout for each match and the ondeck match. Each row represents a mat and the live match is all the way on the right. You can view more matches assigned to a mat by clicking on the full boutboard link.