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      Kapwrestling's List of Today's Tournaments

      No tournaments are running at this time.
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      Kapwrestling's Upcoming Tournaments

      Sat 13 Dec 2014-Sat 13 Dec 2014
      Devin Ness Memorial - OA Opener
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Marlboro Tournament
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Taunton Invitational
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Eagle Holiday Classic (Franklin County)

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    2. Overview of how Kapwrestling operates a tournament

      A view of your Gym

      The master computer is the hub for all communications regarding the tournament. All mat computers forward their results in real time allowing the master to compile all statistics and correctly call the matches to the mats on time. It also keeps the boutboards updated. While all of this is happening the master computer is streaming data to the Web interface so fans can keep up with the results within seconds of them actually occurring at the tournament

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      server computer boutboard mat computer home computer mat computer wireless network Wrestlers wrestling on a mat Wrestlers wrestling on a mat