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      No tournaments are running at this time.
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      Kapwrestling's Upcoming Tournaments

      Sat 13 Dec 2014-Sat 13 Dec 2014
      Devin Ness Memorial - OA Opener
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Marlboro Tournament
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Taunton Invitational
      Sat 20 Dec 2014-Sat 20 Dec 2014
      Eagle Holiday Classic (Franklin County)

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    2. Kapwrestling provides a full networked system when we clerk your Paperless Tournament this includes:
      • Closed, secured, Linksys wireless Routers
      • Server space for rsesults and rosters
      • Extension cords, power strips, and ethernet cables, misc cables
      • Computers for mats, boutboards, and main table
      • Monitors for Mats
      • Laser Printer
      Please note that every tournament has some differences and to provide the best tournament for you we may have to couple our technology with your schools technology.